The Forest of Us

“The Forest of Us” is the first chapter of my narrative.  The works deal with people living in the forest, void of modern technology, dealing with the ideas of relationships, morality, and conflict.

In “The Ways in Which We” there are three scenes happening simultaneously that deal with the ways in which we ask for forgiveness.  In the front, someone is simply asking for forgiveness against the creature he wronged.  Hands open, crouched down, asking.  Behind them someone prays to a higher power. To the left two people stand over a fire, not speaking, letting time pass, letting forgiveness find its own way in.

In “Snake Hunters” three people are out hunting for snakes.  They know the dangers of this but do it anyway.  The person in the front has caught a snake but its too late.  The snake has already bitten one of the party.  Without being able to get to medical help they decide the only thing to do is cut off the infected area.  He has accepted of the consequences of his actions and is ready for the swing of the axe.

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