To the Sea

”To the Sea” is the second chapter following “The Forest of Us”.  Once the forest floods the characters must take to the sea on small boats.  There they are tested on what it takes to survive and what it is to work as a group or be alone.

In “Thirst” a person has come upon an empty boat.  Twenty two days have been carved into the side.  It is empty.  She is alone and thirsty.  Knowing that drinking sea water will kill her she decides her thirst is too great.  Its not a moment of panic but rather a moment of acceptance.  Panic has long passed and now she is just thirsty.

In “Sacrifice”, a group has banded together using their oars as fishing polls desperately trying to find food.  When a pelican lands one of their boats the person grabs it.  The others look over in hunger and desire.  The person however hugs the bird and doesn’t think to reach for his knife.  In maritime folklore a pelican represents a father love for his children. In this moment his mind is taken back to his family that he has lost.  Through all the hunger pains there is something that still means more to him than eating.  In the distance a boat burns, alluding to a possible ending for everyone.

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